We Are Open Memorial Day

We are open Memorial Day! Come say “hi” to our dedicated staff! Thank you to all who have served, may everyone have a safe and pleasant holiday.

Walk in COVID-19 Vaccines Available

Walk in vaccinations against Covid-19 available 7 days a week. General public welcome, for patients new to our Health Center, registration paperwork will be needed. Please call 208.478.3987 for details.

COVID-19 Screening in May

FORT HALL COMMUNITY SCREENING FOR COVID-19 in May – we will be providing incentive to get tested and keep our community safe. $10 gas cards available to all Native Americans, bring tribal ID or CIB. Funding based on availability by THHS. We appreciate everyone that attends to help decrease the spread of covid19 within our Reservation. #maskupforthall


IMMEDIATE RELEASE  April 13, 2021 COVID19 UPDATE FOR FORT HALL RESERVATION  Fort Hall- COVID19 cases have been fluctuating on the Fort Hall Reservation. We are aware of the variants in our region and therefore we urge the community to continue to wear your facemask and continue social distancing. If you received a vaccine, you are still required to wear a … Read More

Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 Vaccination Halted

IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 13, 2021 Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 Vaccination Halted Fort Hall- On April 13, 2021, the CDC and FDA have released a joint statement pausing the administration of the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine. In the US 6.8 million doses of the vaccine have been administered. Currently, there have been 6 cases of adverse clotting events in individuals … Read More


IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 7, 2021 COVID19 UPDATE FOR FORT HALL RESERVATION Fort Hall- COVID19 cases are fluctuating on on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. Fort Hall Numbers for this week reported as of April 5, 2021, at 4:00PM.Total Cases To-Date 908Total Active Cases 13Total Currently Hospitalized 1Total Recovered to Date 877Total Deceased to Date 18Total Vaccines given to Date 4,653 … Read More