Your Community Health Center.

Our Mission

We strive to exceed the needs of patients from our community and provide a high level of care consistently.

The Shoshone-Bannock Primary Care and Urgent Care services for all members of the community regardless of race or national origin. Purchased and Referred Care (PRC) eligible patients can have their visit paid for by PRC per Tribal Business Council Resolution. PRC covered visits can be given secondary referrals to other providers if needed. There is no capability for dispensing or prescribing narcotic or controlled substances. Located in the old IHS clinic - building 70 - on Navajo Road. It is one block due West of the IHS Clinic, drive around the Justice Center and make a left on Navajo Drive, its a long yellow building with a red roof.

Our History

A Community Health Center is a special type of health center, which is funded by a grant from the Health and Human Services Administration (HRSA).

  • SEPTEMBER 2, 2015

    Shoshone-Bannock Community Health Center opens and treats the first patient.

  • JUNE 2016

    Continued funding for the Shoshone-Bannock Community Health Center was approved by the Health and Human Service Administration.

  • AUGUST 2017

    Completion of enhancements to both the exterior of the building as well as interior room renovation.

  • SEPTEMBER 2017

    Recieved substance abuse and mental health funding to help ensure patient needs are being fulfilled.

  • December 2023

    We are expanding our healthcare options, with the opportunity to receive Physical Therapy and Podiatry in office

Located in Fort Hall, Idaho.

We serve all members of the community - regardless of race, nationality or religion. We believe high-quality health care strengthens communities.

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We offer Physical Therapy in Fort Hall

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